Compiler listing or side file selection criteria

Z Abend Investigator basically performs two types of check when selecting a compiler listing or side file to be used for source-level analysis:

  1. A size check is performed, which varies from language to language, where an attempt is made to match the size and contents of the load module with the compiler listing or side file. For example, when the COBOL compiler LIST option is used, the size checks include matching the offset and contents of the last 12 assembler instructions in the CSECT. Also for the current COBOL compilers, the working storage size and TGT size are also checked.
  2. A date and time check is performed between the load module and the compiler listing or side file. Provision is made for compiler listings being created after the date and time that is associated with the load module.

To obtain detailed information about why a particular compiler listing or side file was selected or rejected, the HFZTRACE facility can be used. See HFZTRACE information for details on how to use this facility.