Figure 1. Syntax

1! NOCicsDumpTableExclude
1  CicsDumpTableExclude?  (
2.1! NOCheckMaxCurr
2.1 CheckMaxCurr
1 )

The CICSDumpTableExclude option excludes a CICSĀ® transaction abend from Z Abend Investigator real-time processing if the CICS transaction dump table action for the same abend code specifies NOTRANDUMP.

If excluded, then message HFZ0101I is issued, no analysis report is produced, and no fault entry is written to the history file.

Exclusion of Z Abend Investigator processing based on this option precedes any other Z Abend Investigator methods of preventing analysis, such as the Exclude or NoDup options (see Real-time exclusion processing).

If the CheckMaxCurr suboption is specified, then Z Abend Investigator compares the current number of CICS dump requests for a specific dump code to the maximum setting for that dumpcode. If the current value exceeds the maximum value, then Z Abend Investigator analysis is skipped and message HFZ0180I is issued.
Note: CICS creates the transaction dump table (TDT) entry only after the first abend occurs and Z Abend Investigator is invoked (when using the XPCABND or LE abnormal termination exit). Therefore, when the CICS parameter TRDUMAX is set to 0, Z Abend Investigator cannot exclude processing of the first abend instance because there is no TDT entry for CheckMaxCurr to check. Z Abend Investigator can exclude the analysis of subsequent abends after CICS creates the TDT, because CheckMaxCurr can detect that the current instance count exceeds 0.

The default setting is NOCheckMaxCurr, in which case analysis continues regardless of the maximum setting for the dumpcode.

When NOCICSDumpTableExclude is in effect (default), then Z Abend Investigator does not use the CICS transaction dump table in its exclude checking.

This option is not included in the section of the fault analysis report that shows options in effect.

For changes to this option to take effect, uninstall and reinstall all CICS invocation exits using the CFA transaction. For details, see Controlling CICS transaction abend analysis.