Figure 1. Syntax

1  DumpRegistrationExits ( + , 
1 (
1 Exit name specification
1 ) )
Exit name specification

1+ ,
2.1 exit_name
2.1  REXX ( + , exit_name )

The DumpRegistrationExits option specifies the types and names of user exits to be invoked during the HFZXTSEL MVS™ post-dump exit processing.

The dump registration Analysis Control and Notification user exits are driven as the SVC dump data set name is recorded in a history file fault entry for later analysis by the end user. The SVC dumps might have been triggered by abends or Z Abend Investigator recovery fault recording (RFR) processing; however, the dump registration exits are not driven for RFR processing. The HFZXTSEL process requires the HFZ.SHFZSAM1(HFZWTSEL) sample ++USERMOD to be installed (for details, see Installing the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL).

The MVS SVC dump registration Analysis Control and Notification user exits run from the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem. Therefore, the DumpRegistrationExits option must be specified in the HFZCNFxx parmlib member, or via an HFZOPTS DD statement in the HFZS subsystem JCL. The DumpRegistrationExits option is ignored if specified via an HFZOPTS DD statement anywhere else, such as in a CICS® region or batch job.

Multiple specifications of the DumpRegistrationExits option are cumulative.

Exits can be either REXX EXECs or load modules:
The possible exit types are:
Analysis Control user exit. This exit can be used to modify options in effect. For details, see Analysis Control user exit (MVS SVC Dump registration).
Notification user exit. This exit can, for example, be used to provide installation-specific notification of recorded faults. For details, see Notification user exit (MVS SVC Dump registration).
The exit name that is specified as exit_name can be any valid TSO/E REXX EXEC or load module name. However, certain names are reserved for special purposes:
The special name 'NONE' represents a 'null' exit that is not invoked and causes further attempts to invoke exits of the specified type to be terminated.
The special name '-DROPCNF-' is used to drop exit specifications from the HFZCNF00 parmlib member. For details, see Dropping HFZCNF00 parmlib member user exit specifications.

Any number of exit names can be specified for a given exit type, and all exits are attempted invoked.