Figure 1. Syntax

1 DUmpdsn
2 (
2 dump-data-set-name
2 )

Use the DumpDSN option when an abend caused a SYSMDUMP to be written to a dump data set and you want to reanalyze the dump using your own JCL. The option specifies the dump data set against which fault analysis is to be performed.

This option applies only to batch reanalysis and is ignored if specified in an HFZCNFxx parmlib member.

If you initiate the reanalysis from the fault history file, then Z Abend Investigator provides the dump data set name automatically.

The logical record length of the SYSMDUMP data set must be 4160 if it does not contain ASA printer control characters, or 4161 if it does. Typically, only SYSMDUMP data sets that have been extracted from the JES SPOOL via SDSF contain ASA printer control characters.