Figure 1. Syntax
  • 1 Either comma or blank character is permitted as delimiter.

The ErrorHandler option can be used to specify one or more common error handler program or CSECT names, which should not be selected as the point-of-failure event in the Z Abend Investigator report. Instead, the next earlier user-code event becomes the point-of-failure event, and thus be used in duplicate fault determination, and so on.

The following suboptions can be specified:

One or more program or CSECT names of common error handlers, which are not selected as the point-of-failure event.
By default, an event for a user abend is not selected as the point-of-failure. This is the equivalent to specifying UserAbendPgm(Include). To allow user abend events to be selected as the point-of-failure event, subject to the name not appearing in the program_name list, specify UserAbendPgm(Exclude).
Note: If no earlier user-code event can be determined, then it is possible that the error handler program event is still designated as the point of failure.

The last specification of the ErrorHandler or NOErrorHandler option is in effect. Subsequent specifications override any previous specification completely, that is, the program or CSECT names are not cumulative.