Figure 1. Syntax

1?  FAultid ( faultid )
The FaultID option identifies a history file entry by its assigned fault identifier (faultid), and is used when performing fault reanalysis. The fault identifier must be in the format:
where ccc is the assigned history file prefix (1 to 3 characters) and nnnnn is a 5-digit decimal fault number.
  1. The fault identifier F00000 signifies a 'null' ID that cannot be used to select a history file entry for reanalysis. This identifier might be assigned to a fault entry if no available fault numbers exist.
  2. No default setting of the FaultID option is appropriate. It should only be used if building your own JCL for batch reanalysis of a history file fault entry. If performing reanalysis through the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface, then the correct use of this option is automatic.