Figure 1. Syntax

1  LAnguage ( language_id
2.1+ ,
2.1 SYSLOGUppercaseENglish
2.1 NOLowercaseENglish
1 )

The Language option specifies the national language ID which is used to select appropriate language-dependent messages.

The following language IDs are permitted:

U.S. English (default)
Japanese (available only if the Japanese feature of Z Abend Investigator is installed)
You can specify the following optional suboptions:
Where possible, causes all WTO messages to be in uppercase English only.

This suboption can be abbreviated to SYSLOGUEN.

Where possible, folds English lowercase characters to uppercase in all output written by Z Abend Investigator. This suboption can, for example, be used with 3270 terminals in 'KANA' mode to prevent lowercase English characters from being unreadable.

This suboption can be abbreviated to NOLEN.

If the Language option is specified in the HFZCNF00 parmlib configuration member, then it should be the first option that is specified. This permits the maximum number of language-dependent messages to be issued by Z Abend Investigator.

Note: If the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem is used, then any Language option specified by the user is ignored as far as explanations for abends, messages, reason codes, and similar, are concerned. These explanations are always provided in accordance with the Language option in effect for the HFZS subsystem. This is because the HFZS subsystem is used to cache explanations in order to improve performance and reduce I/O.