Figure 1. Syntax

1  LOCALE ( locale-name?  , FADATE )

The Locale option specifies the locale to be used for cultural environment-dependent presentation. Affected are things like date and time formatting, collating sequences of sorted information, and determination of non-printable characters, which are shown as periods.

The locale name that is specified as locale-name can be one of those supplied with z/OSĀ® C/C++ for the setlocale() runtime function. A list of locale names can be found in the z/OS C/C++ Programming Guide, "Appendix D. Locales Supplied with z/OS C/C++".

If the optional FADATE suboption is specified, then all dates presented are in the standard Z Abend Investigator format of YYYY/MM/DD and all time values in the standard Fault Analyzer 24-hour format of HH:MM:SS, regardless of the locale used.

Specifying the NoLocale option is the equivalent to specifying Locale(C,FADATE).