Figure 1. Syntax


This option is used to activate or deactivate the Z Abend Investigator loop/wait protection feature. With this feature active (the default condition), Z Abend Investigator terminates processing if the maximum expected elapsed time for any one of several internal checkpoints has been exceeded. If this termination happens, then message HFZ0092S is issued.

A user exit can deactivate the loop/wait protection feature by setting the ENV.LOOPPROTECTION_OPT field to N. For more information about this field, see ENV - Common exit environment information.

Note: Even with the NoLoopProtection option in effect, there is no guarantee that an analysis, that might otherwise be terminated with the HFZ0092S message, successfully completes. This possible lack of completion is because the job might still be subject to normal installation-imposed MVS™ execution time limits, or be in a never-ending loop or wait condition that eventually requires the job to be canceled.

This option is only applicable to real-time analysis. For all other modes of execution, it is ignored.

This option is only included in the section of the fault analysis report that shows options in effect if real-time analysis with NoLoopProtection in effect.