Figure 1. Syntax
  • 1 Either comma or blank character is permitted as delimiter.

To suppress specific write-to-operator messages, these can be specified as suboptions to the Quiet option. The message IDs must be the complete 8-character message ID, for example, HFZ0003I.

If NoQuiet is specified, all write-to-operator messages can be issued.

The last specification of the Quiet or NoQuiet option is in effect. For example, if the HFZCNF00 parmlib member specifies Quiet, this can be overridden by a user options file specification of NoQuiet. Each specification of a message list using the Quiet option overrides any previous specification completely, that is, the message numbers are not cumulative.

While this option can be used to reduce the number of messages written to the SYSLOG, its use is not generally recommended, since the lack of messages can make it difficult to diagnose problems with the Z Abend Investigator processing. Also, certain diagnostic settings requested by HCL Support, while gathering documentation for a reported problem, might override this option.

Some messages are not able to be suppressed using the Quiet option, such as message HFZ0001I.

It is not possible to suppress S-level (severe) messages, or messages written by the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem.

For changes to this option related to message numbers HFZ0034I, HFZ0066I, or HFZ0118W to take effect, uninstall and reinstall all CICSĀ® invocation exits using the CFA transaction. See Controlling CICS transaction abend analysis.