Figure 1. Syntax

2.1  AUTO
2.2.1! (NOIncludeExecCicsDump)
2.2.1 (IncludeExecCicsDump)
2.1 ALL

The RetainCICSDump option specifies that a CICS® transaction dump should be retained based on the analysis success (AUTO) or unconditionally (ALL).

The analysis success (AUTO) setting means that if the Z Abend Investigator analysis completes normally, then the transaction dump is suppressed. However, if there is a significant problem with the analysis, then the transaction dump is retained. AUTO(NOIncludeExecCicsDump) is used to prevent suppression of the CICS transaction dump issued for an EXEC CICS DUMP call, even if analysis is successful. This is the default. AUTO(IncludeExecCicsDump) is used to suppress all CICS transaction dumps, including for EXEC CICS DUMP calls, if the analysis is successful.

This option applies to real-time analysis of CICS transaction faults only, and requires that Z Abend Investigator is installed in either the XPCABND or XDUREQ global user exits. For changes to this option to take effect, uninstall and reinstall all CICS invocation exits using the CFA transaction. See Controlling CICS transaction abend analysis.
Note: Transaction dumps as a result of an EXEC CICS DUMP command are not suppressed by Z Abend Investigator. This lack of suppression is due to the SUPPRESSED response being passed back to the issuing application program, which if not handled correctly, can lead to AEXW abends.

This option does not affect the writing of the fault entry to the history file.

This option is included in the section of the fault analysis report that shows options in effect for real-time analysis of CICS transaction faults only.

  1. The use of an End Processing user exit can effectively override the RetainCICSDump option in effect.
  2. To control the retention of MVS™ dump data sets, use the RetainDump option instead.
  3. See Dump suppression for more information about dump suppression.