Figure 1. Syntax

The RetainDump option specifies that the Z Abend Investigator IEAVTABX change options/suppress dump exit (HFZXDCAP) is to retain the SYSABEND dump, SYSMDUMP, or SYSUDUMP of the abending job step, based on the analysis success (AUTO) or unconditionally (ALL).

The analysis success (AUTO) setting means that if the Z Abend Investigator analysis completes normally, then the MVS™ dump is suppressed. However, if there is a significant problem with the analysis, then the MVS dump is retained.

This option applies to real-time analysis of non-CICS transaction faults only, and is only applicable to the IEAVTABX change options/suppress dump exit, HFZXDCAP. This option does not affect the writing of the fault entry to the history file.

If an exit is installed ahead of HFZXDCAP in the IEAVTABX exit list, and this exit has requested, via its return code, that dump options should be changed or the dump suppressed, then Z Abend Investigator honors the request regardless of options settings.

This option is included in the section of the fault analysis report that shows options in effect for real-time analysis of non-CICS transaction faults only.

  1. The use of an Analysis Control or End Processing user exit can effectively override the RetainDump option in effect.
  2. To control the retention of CICS® transaction dumps, use the RetainCICSDump option instead.
  3. See Dump suppression for more information about dump suppression.