Figure 1. Syntax

1 NOStoragePrintLimit
1  StoragePrintLimit ( limit
2.1 K
2.1 M
1 )

This option can be used to limit the size of reports when large amounts of virtual storage are eligible for display in the report, such as programs using large arrays in working storage.

The effect that this option has on the report is to determine the style of formatting used for event-related associated storage areas as follows:
Table 1. StoragePrintLimit option behavior
Compiler listing or side file available StoragePrintLimit not exceeded StoragePrintLimit exceeded
Yes Complete event-related source view formatting Addressable event-related source view formatting
No Complete event-related hex-dump formatting Addressable event-related hex-dump formatting

"Addressable" storage is storage that is within +4 kilobytes of a general purpose register value.

To determine if the specified limit is exceeded, it is tested against the sum of all hex-dumped event-related associated storage areas and CICSĀ® transaction storage areas being reported on, with due consideration given to overlapping storage ranges. The SystemWidePreferred(StorageAreas(Hex)) option is assumed in effect for the accumulation of storage ranges, regardless of its actual setting.

This option affects the real-time or batch reanalysis reports only; it does not affect the interactive reanalysis report. Even if used in real time, the full data is still available from reanalysis of the minidump, which is not reduced in size by the StoragePrintLimit option.

Valid specification of limit:

NoStoragePrintLimit is the equivalent to specifying StoragePrintLimit(2147483648).

Information about the accumulated storage amount, which is used to determine whether or not the storage print limit in effect has been exceeded, is written to HFZTRACE.

In the "Options in Effect" section of the report, this option is shown using the largest possible unit type regardless of the actual specification of the option. For example, if StoragePrintLimit(1024K) was specified, then the option is shown as StoragePrintLimit(1M). If instead StoragePrintLimit(1025) was specified, then the option is shown as StoragePrintLimit(1025) also, since 1025 is not an even number of megabytes or kilobytes.

Information about whether the storage print limit was exceeded or not is included in the "Options in Effect" section of the report. If the limit was exceeded, then the amount of storage by which the limit was exceeded is also shown.