Where to specify options

You can specify options in two files (HFZCNF00 holds installation-wide default options, and HFZOPTS holds user options), or in the JCL EXEC statement PARM field. When options are set in the files, they are available to all modes of analysis.

For real-time analysis only, job-level substitution of installation-wide default options in HFZCNF00 is available via a user-options module, HFZCNFUM.

The JCL EXEC statement PARM field is only available for batch reanalysis.

Refer to Batch reanalysis options and Interactive reanalysis options for information about how to change options when performing fault reanalysis.

Regardless of where options are specified, an Analysis Control user exit is able to override the resulting settings. For details of this exit type, see Analysis Control user exit.