Over-typing existing values

Another way to match is by over-typing existing values. For example, if the Abend column contains the value S0C4 for a fault entry, then by over-typing the 4 with a 1, making the value S0C1, and pressing the Enter key, a MATCH is performed to show only those fault entries that have an abend value of S0C1.

Wildcard characters can be used to specify generic MATCH values. The supported wildcard characters are an asterisk (*) to indicate zero, one or more characters, and a percent sign (%) to indicate only a single character.

Any number of values can be over-typed before pressing the Enter key. However, if values for the same column are over-typed on multiple rows, then only the last over-typed value for that column is used.

Over-typing an existing value is particularly useful when matching on values that are similar to ones already displayed. By simply changing the displayed value to the desired target, and pressing the Enter key, a MATCH is performed with a minimum of typing required.