Changing the default recovery fault recording IEATDUMP data set name (RFRDSN)

In situations where an SDUMP cannot be used, then the Z Abend Investigator recovery fault recording feature requires that an IEATDUMP data set can be allocated by the abnormally terminating real-time analysis task. (For general information about the recovery fault recording feature, see Recovery fault recording.)

The data set name to be used is by default set to:

To change the default data set name, the RFRDSN setting in the HFZOPTLM configuration-options module is used.

For additional information about the use of symbols, see HFZOPTLM data set name symbol substitution.

Note: It is important to ensure that all users are able to allocate data sets with the name specified. SeeManaging recovery fault recording data set access for more information.

If it is desirable that the recovery fault recording IEATDUMP data set name contains local date and time instead of UTC, then change &YYMMDD to &LYYMMDD and &HHMMSS to &LHHMMSS.

Use the special high-level qualifier NULLFILE to disable RFR TDUMP capture. If this name is used, message HFZ0136W is issued.