Suppressing real-time reports

To suppress the writing of any Z Abend Investigator reports to the JES spool, you can add the following DD statement to the job or startup procedure:

Alternatively, an Analysis Control user exit can be used to allocate HFZREPRT to DUMMY, as shown in the following REXX example:

/* REXX */

/* Sample Analysis Control user exit to suppress */ 
/* the analysis report.                          */
exit 0

If the above sample exit existed as member ABC in data set X.Y.Z, then providing the following options in either the HFZCNF00 configuration member or the HFZOPTS user options file would cause it to be invoked:


Note that the real-time report is able to be written to the history file, regardless of the above suppression of the JES spool report, and can be viewed from there using the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface.

In a CICSĀ® environment, it is preferable to use the DeferredReport option instead, which is also the default. For details, see DeferredReport.