The real-time analysis report

The real-time analysis report is produced whenever Z Abend Investigator analyzes an abend, or is invoked by HFZSNAP or the equivalent com.hcl.zai.Snap.dump Java™ class, unless the DeferredReport option is used (see DeferredReport) or the report is suppressed (see Suppressing real-time reports). The report is written to the HFZREPRT DDname, which is dynamically allocated to SYSOUT=class, if no prior allocation exists, and thus is included as part of the normal job output on the JES spool.

The SYSOUT class used (class) is the default job output class (SYSOUT=*), or if a SYSUDUMP DD statement in the abending job step specifies a JES SYSOUT class, then the same output class and form name are used for the Z Abend Investigator real-time report.

If you want to divert the real-time analysis report to another file, then adjust the DD card as required. For example:
//             DCB=(RECFM=VB,LRECL=137),SPACE=(CYL,(1,1))

Alternatively, a user exit can be used to allocate HFZREPRT to a different output class. For details, see Controlling the SYSOUT class of real-time reports.

The HFZREPRT DDname is opened with LRECL=137. Any existing data set attributes must be compatible with this logical record length.

The HFZREPRT allocation for CICS® transaction abends is the same as for any other type of abend.

See The Z Abend Investigator report for general information about the contents of the Z Abend Investigator report, and for report examples.