HFZWTO command

The HFZWTO command is used to write a message to the MVS™ console. This command can, for example, be used instead of the REXX SAY command whenever tracing is not active (HFZTRACE DDname not allocated).

Figure 1. Syntax

1 HFZWTO message_text

New-line characters (X'15') in the message text can be used to split long messages into multiple WTOs. Any other non-printable characters are changed to periods.

Return codes

The HFZWTO command always completes with RC=0.


Figure 2. HFZWTO command example
/* REXX */

/* Write a message to the MVS console */
"HFZWTO Minutes since last duplicate fault =" EPC.MINUTES_SINCE_LAST_DUP

To avoid possible confusion, it is recommended that any WTO messages that are issued do not include a message ID that could be mistaken for one of the formal messages issued by Z Abend Investigator. If you want to prefix message IDs with HFZ, then you might add an extra character to eliminate the chance of matching a Z Abend Investigator message, for example, HFZX followed by a number.