This command, which is only available from within the interactive report, can be used to display a storage location.

Figure 1. Syntax

2.1! 0
2.1 address
2.2.1 +
2.2.1 -
2.1 offset
For example, to display the storage at address 007F2300, enter:
SHOW 7F2300

The address parameter is 64-bit enabled. For details, see Specifying 64-bit addresses.

If the SHOW command is issued without specifying an address, then either 0, or the storage address that is associated with the display of a CICSĀ® system dump analysis data area from which the SHOW command is issued, or the last address selected for SHOW, is used as the default.

Offsets can be specified with the show command. For example:
SHOW 142A0 + 1C0 + 1B - 8
All offsets are in hex. One or more blanks must separate SHOW and the base address, whereas blanks separating any offsets are optional.