Setting Z Abend Investigator SLIP traps

As documentation for certain situations where Z Abend Investigator issues an error message, an MVS™ dump is often required by HCL Support.

In most cases, Z Abend Investigator automatically writes a Recovery Fault Recording (RFR) dump, which serves two purposes:

If such RFR dumps are being written (which requires the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem to be started and the HFZXTSEL exit installed - see Recovery fault recording for more information), then there is generally no need to set SLIP traps for message IDs other than those marked with '*' below.

The following shows a sample SLIP trap to capture an SVC dump in case a particular Z Abend Investigator message is issued:


where xxxx is a unique SLIP trap identifier (for example, F047) zzzzzzzz is the message ID.

Refer to "MVS System Commands" for the complete syntax of the SLIP command and for additional parameters that might be considered, such as MATCHLIM.

SLIP traps for the following message IDs should be considered:

HFZ0123S *
HFZ0144E *
HFZ0168E *

* These message IDs are not subject to Recovery Fault Recording (RFR) processing and MVS dumps are therefore never written automatically by Z Abend Investigator for these.