Using the program SNAP interface (HFZSNAP)

A program SNAP interface is provided to assist users in debugging problems with applications that do not abend, or that for any other reason cannot be analyzed by Z Abend Investigator using one of the normal abend invocation exits described in Exits for invoking Z Abend Investigator. This interface permits a call to Z Abend Investigator from anywhere within an application program to request an analysis of the current environment. For 24-bit and 31-bit programs, the program SNAP interface module name is HFZSNAP. For 64-bit programs, the module name is HFZSNAP6.

An example of where a call to HFZSNAP might be used is in a DB2® application after execution of an SQL statement that results in a negative SQLCODE.

Apart from the way in which Z Abend Investigator is invoked, there is no difference between this type of analysis and any other real-time analysis caused by an abend.

It is recommended that you invoke HFZSNAP dynamically to ensure that you are always using the most current version: