Sorting and matching table displays

Whenever table headings are tabbable and shown in reverse highlight mode, then this highlighting indicates that the table column attributes are modifiable. By placing the cursor on the heading, and pressing Enter, a Column Attributes display is presented. This display allows you to sort the column data in ascending or descending order, or to show only the table rows that satisfy a given MATCH criteria.

The MATCH attribute is case insensitive and permits the use of wildcards. The supported wildcard characters are an asterisk (*) to indicate zero, one or more characters, and a percent sign (%) to indicate a single required character. Only table data rows that match the specified string are shown.

All attribute settings are cumulative, which means that once a particular sort order is applied to a column, a sort on a different column is performed against the already sorted table data. Also, once table data is removed from the display due to a non-matching match criteria, the only way to restore this data is to perform a reset.

The reset can be performed by placing the cursor on the reset point-and-shoot field and pressing the Enter key. Alternatively, a RESET command can be entered on the command line to reset all tables in a given display simultaneously.

Columns for which attributes have been changed are shown with turquoise color instead of blue.

The most recent attribute setting is shown whenever a column header is selected.