Supported application environments

Z Abend Investigator supports applications running under z/OS® in the following languages and application environments:

Only execution in home-space mode, or primary-space mode with primary address space equal to home address space, is supported.

Z Abend Investigator is formally supported only on current versions of z/OS, although it might run successfully on earlier versions. In the z/OS environment, Z Abend Investigator:

Assembler and Enterprise PL/I are the only application programming languages for which formatting of associated storage areas and source line data field values is provided when the data resides in 64-bit storage.

C++ support does not provide any class information.

Real-time analysis is limited to tasks running in the following TCB protection keys: Z Abend Investigator issues the message HFZ0123S for tasks that run in any other protection key. To analyze abends in tasks that run in another protection key, set a SLIP trap on the HFZ0123S message to capture an SVC dump. You can analyze the SVC dump by selecting File > Analyze MVS Dump Data Set from the Fault Entry List display.

Install the latest Z Abend Investigator maintenance to resolve issues that might not be directly associated with the basic support for an application environment. For additional information, see Maintaining Z Abend Investigator.

Z Abend Investigator supports the following environments. A general availability (GA) release has no maintenance applied.

Table 1. Supported application environments
Supported environment Supported environment version Z Abend Investigator V1.1 minimum maintenance level
CICS Transaction Server V5R6 (730) and earlier GA
Enterprise COBOL V6R3 and earlier GA
Enterprise PL/I V5R1 and earlier GA
DB2 V12 and earlier GA
IMS V15 and earlier GA
IBM® Java for z/OS Version 8 and earlier GA
z/OS V2R3 and earlier GA

Compiler support

Z Abend Investigator V1.1 produces the same results for a program compiled with a given environment version as it produced for the same program compiled with an earlier version of that environment. For example, Z Abend Investigator V1.1 produces the same results for a program compiled with Enterprise COBOL V6R3 as it produced for the same program compiled with Enterprise COBOL V6R2.

The Z Abend Investigator minimum maintenance level might not support all new features of a compiler version. Keep maintenance levels current to get the latest Z Abend Investigator enhancements.

MQSeries support

MQSeries support consists of one of the following:
  • Abends occurring in an MQSeries call

    In addition to normal information about the abend itself, the MQSeries API description is provided.

  • Information about prior calls to MQSeries

    The information consists of identification of the last MQSeries call (in ascending source line order) that resulted in a non-zero reason code, given the current content of the reason code data field used in the call. The reason code is provided, along with its explanation.

    To facilitate this information, the following conditions must be met:
    • MQSeries static linkage is used.
    • The application issuing the MQSeries call is written in COBOL.
    • Compiler listing or side file is provided.

Java support

Java support has the following restrictions:
  • Z Abend Investigator works with currently supported versions of Java. Z Abend Investigator might work successfully with earlier versions of Java, but they are not formally supported.
  • Java support under z/OS 2.3 requires z/OS PTF UA96120. If this PTF is not applied, ABEND EC6 with reason code 0B26 C04A occurs during Java analysis.