Symbol substring specification

Substring specification of all symbols (MVS™ system symbols, as well as Z Abend Investigator specific symbols) is permitted.

Figure 1. Syntax

1  & symbol_name ( start?  : number ) .
The name of the symbol, for example USERID.
The character position where the substring is to start. The first character in the original symbol is position 1, the second is position 2, and so on. If start is positive, the system counts from the starting position to the end of the string. If start is negative (in other words, a minus sign appears before it), the system counts backwards from the ending position of the string.
The number of characters, from the starting position to the ending position of the string, that the substring is to contain. If number is not specified, the substring length defaults to 1. Do not specify a negative number for number.
For example, if the substitution value for symbol &PGM. contains MYPROG1, and you want to limit the qualifier to the first six characters, you can specify


Refer to MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference section "Using substrings of system symbols" for complete information about symbol substring specification. Note that the use of double ampersand notation is not supported.