Verifying the HFZTABD USERMOD installation

If you are using a version of z/OS® earlier than version 2.2 and you choose to install the HFZTABD USERMOD, perform the following steps to verify that the USERMOD is working correctly:

  1. Edit the HFZVPASM job in data set HFZ.SHFZSAM1.
  2. Comment out the //G.SYSUDUMP DD statement.
  3. Submit the job.
  4. If Z Abend Investigator was invoked at all, then it must have been via the HFZXDCAP exit, and as a result of the successful installation of the HFZTABD USERMOD. This exit used can be verified by going to the bottom of the HFZREPRT output and checking that it includes a paragraph starting with:
    Z Abend Investigator was invoked via the MVS IEAVTABX exit (HFZXDCAP)…