Eliminating the need for a dump DD statement (++HFZTABD)

Note: This ++USERMOD is not applicable to z/OS® 2.2 or later due to the use of the IEAVTABX_EXIT dynamic exit.

The HFZTABD USERMOD is required for all non-LE batch jobs, for which fault analysis is to occur, unless either a SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, or SYSMDUMP DD statement is used. This requirement is also true for all LE batch jobs with TERMTHDACT(UA*) in effect, if the HFZXCEE Language Environment® exit is not installed.

The USERMOD permits the IEAVTABX-defined exits to be invoked (which includes the Z Abend Investigator change options/suppress dump exit, HFZXDCAP), regardless of any JCL dump DD statement specification.

To apply the HFZTABD USERMOD, edit and submit the sample job HFZTABD.

To activate this change, IPL again with CLPA. (It is not possible to activate this change using the SETPROG command.)