DL (definition list)

The DL tag defines a list of terms and their corresponding definitions.
Figure 1. Syntax

2.1! 10
2.1 n? BREAK=
2.1! NONE
2.1 FIT
2.1 ALL
2.1 STDLBL ?COMPACT ?NOSKIP > list-entries? </DL>
This attribute specifies the indentation of the definition description. The minimum value is 3 characters and the default value is 10 characters.
This attribute controls the formatting of the definition terms and descriptions:
  • If BREAK=NONE, then the term is on the same line as the description, spilling into the description area if the length exceeds TSIZE. This value is the default.
  • If BREAK=FIT, then the description is on the line below the term if the term exceeds the TSIZE value.
  • If BREAK=ALL, then every definition is on the line below the term.
  • If BREAK=STDLBL, then a standard Z Abend Investigator label is used. If the term length exceeds the TSIZE value in effect, then the text is wrapped within the TSIZE width. Trailing periods and a colon are added to the last term line.
This attribute causes the list to format without a blank line between the items in the list.
This attribute causes the list to format without creating a blank line before the first line of the list.
These are the DT and DD tags that make up the list entries.


In the interactive reanalysis report, the list entries are presented in white. However, if the STDLBL attribute is used, then the definition terms are in green.