TEST option considerations

With all compilers, the use of the TEST option provides program information in addition to what is available from the side files.

If TEST(NONE,SYM,SEPARATE) is used when compiling a COBOL program, or TEST(STMT,SYM,NOHOOK,SEPARATE) is used when compiling an Enterprise PL/I program, then a SYSDEBUG file that is suitable for use by Z Abend Investigator is written. (See Locating compiler listings or side files for information about how the SYSDEBUG file is searched for by Z Abend Investigator.) If the SYSDEBUG file is to be used instead of a compiler listing, or a LANGX side file created from a compiler listing, then it should be retained for use by z/OSĀ® Debugger and Z Abend Investigator.

The COBOL SYSDEBUG side file typically uses about 30% less DASD space than a Z Abend Investigator HFZLANGX side file.

The Enterprise PL/I SYSDEBUG side file is not a stand-alone debugging aid (unlike the COBOL equivalent, which is). The load module always contains the statement number table (which provides source line offsets), and also contains symbol information when the program has GET/PUT DATA statements.