Providing application-specific explanations and descriptions

The member HFZHUSRM of the HFZ.SHFZDOC1 data set holds user-defined message and abend code explanations, as well as program name descriptions.

The structure of HFZHUSRM is straight-forward. Each item (message explanation, abend code explanation or program description) is identified by a header record, followed by the text to be displayed for that item. The text can be in more than one record. The item is finished by a new header record or the end of the file. Each record is a string. Use a text editor to maintain the items.

Note: If the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem is used, then it is necessary to stop and restart the HFZS subsystem in order to include new or changed explanations or descriptions in the in-storage cache. If the restart is not done, then new or changed explanations or descriptions are not found.

Z Abend Investigator treats a line in HFZHUSRM that begins with .* as a comment and disregards it. It is not included in the analysis report.