EXPORT control statement

The EXPORT control statement can be used to create a portable copy of a fault entry, which includes both the fault entry itself and any associated dump data set.

Figure 1. Syntax

1 EXPORT ( hist_dsn (fault_id) , output_dd )


The EXPORT control statement is primarily intended for use by the HFZROBOT exec and the job generated by the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface P line command.

The target fault entry is specified using hist_dsn and fault_id. The portable copy of the fault entry is written to the DDname specified using output_dd. The data set allocated to output_dd is expected to be a temporary Z Abend Investigator PDS or PDSE history file with RECFM VB and LRECL 10000 enforced. Preferably, this temporary history file should be empty, because the portable fault entry copy will be written with the same fault ID as the target fault entry, with no prior checking for the existence of a same-named member.

Although READ access to the fault entry can be provided through normal data set access or Z Abend Investigator XFACILIT access, READ access to an associated tightly coupled dump data set must be provided through normal data set access.

The exported fault entry should be imported again into another history file using the IMPORT control statement.