SETMINFAULTENTRIES control statement

The SetMinFaultEntries control statement specifies a PDSE history file data set name and the minimum number of fault entries to be set.

Figure 1. Syntax

1  SETMINFAULTENTRIES ( data-set-name , min-number )


The history file is maintained automatically once a minimum of min-number fault entries exist in the history file, regardless of how many data set extents have been allocated to achieve this. Once the history file is maintained automatically, then the number of fault entries is limited only by the currently available data set space. No extra data set extents are generally allocated, and no out-of-space conditions are expected.

This option is available for PDSE history files only; use SetMaxFaultEntries for PDS history files.

See AUTO-managed PDSE history files for more information about AUTO-managed PDSE history files.

min-number must be 25 - 2147483647.

Note: By default, this function is available to all users with UPDATE access to the history file. However, its usage can be restricted as explained in Restricting change of history file settings.

An example showing the use of the SetMinFaultEntries control statement is provided in Example 5. Creating a self-maintaining history file.