SETFAULTPREFIX control statement

The SETFAULTPREFIX control statement specifies the PDS or PDSE history file data set name followed by the new prefix.

Figure 1. Syntax

1 SETFAULTPREFIX ( data-set-name , prefix )


data-set-name is the history file whose fault entry prefix characters are changed. prefix can be up to three characters. Only alphabetic prefix characters are permitted.

Prefixes for all existing fault IDs in the specified history file are changed to the specified prefix, and all fault IDs later created in this history file receive this prefix automatically.

Note: By default, this function is available to all users with UPDATE access to the history file. However, its usage can be restricted as explained in Restricting change of history file settings.

An example showing the use of the SETFAULTPREFIX control statement is provided in Example 4. Changing history file fault prefix characters.