SETMAXFAULTENTRIES control statement

The SetMaxFaultEntries control statement specifies a PDS history file data set name and the maximum number of fault entries to be set.

Figure 1. Syntax

1  SETMAXFAULTENTRIES ( data-set-name , max-number )


max-number specifies the maximum number of fault entries that can be maintained in the history file. Additional data set extents are allocated as needed to achieve this number of fault entries. An out-of-space condition occurs if there is no space available in the data set (that is, the number of data set extents has reached the maximum, or the volume is full) prior to the history file containing max-number fault entries.

max-number must be 1 - 2147483647.

Note: If the maximum number of fault entries specified exceeds the current number of fault entries in the history file, then the oldest fault entries that are not locked are deleted until the history file only contains the number of fault entries specified.

This option is available for PDS history files only; use SetMinFaultEntries for PDSE history files.

Note: By default, this function is available to all users with UPDATE access to the history file. However, its usage can be restricted as explained in Restricting change of history file settings.