Verifying dump registration (IEAVTSEL)

After you install the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL (see Installing the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL), specify user exits with the DumpRegistrationExits option (see DumpRegistrationExits), and start the HFZS subsystem (see Starting the HFZS subsystem), you can test the dump registration by:

If the DumpRegistrationExits option specifies an Analysis Control or Notification dump registration user exit, it might be helpful to add WTO messages (or similar, depending on programming language used) to load module user exits, or HFZWTO commands to REXX user exits. See HFZWTO command.

For example, if you use a common normal Analysis Control user exit and dump registration Analysis Control user exit, see Determining which exit type is invoking a common user exit for information about how to distinguish between the two exit type invocations.

Using a SLIP dump

  1. Ensure the IDIS subsystem has been started with the SLIP parameter.
  2. Set a SLIP trap using the MVS operator command:
    SL SET,ID=xxxx,COMP=U0777,A=SVCD,END
    where xxxx is an identifier of your choice.
  3. Add the following JCL statement to any abending job, for example the Z Abend Investigator assembler IVP job, HFZVPASM:
  4. Submit the job.

Using a console dump

  1. Issue the MVS operator command
    DUMP TITLE='xxx'
    where xxx is a title of your choice.
  2. When MVS issues the WTOR <n> IEE094D SPECIFY OPERAND(S) FOR DUMP COMMAND, reply with:
    R <n>,ASID=1,END

You can substitute any valid ASID number for ASID=1, or change it to (for example) JOBNAME=name or TSONAME=name. See the MVS system command documentation for details about the DUMP command.