Specifying a default column layout

A default column layout can be specified by using the -HistCols keyword in column 1 of any record in a view.

Tip: Avoid specifying this on the first record if a view description is also required.

Following the -HistCols keyword, must be a list of Fault Entry List display columns enclosed in parenthesis. The syntax and format of the column name list is the same as for the FAISPFopts(HistCols(...)) option (see FAISPFopts). An easy way to obtain the column name list is to cut and paste from an actual Fault Entry List display where the columns have been configured as desired from the Fault Entry List Column Configuration display (see Fault entry list column configuration).

The complete -HistCols specification must fit on a single view member record. Continuation over multiple records is not supported.

No part of the -HistCols specification is case sensitive, including the keyword itself, and any number of blank characters, or none, can precede the open parenthesis following the keyword.

If multiple -HistCols specifications are found in a single view member, then only the last one takes effect.

Here is an example of a view data set member specifying a default column layout.
* All IMS history files
-HistCols(IMS_Pgm  Jobname  User_ID  System   Abend Date       Time    )