Specifying initial fault entry selection criteria

Initial fault entry selection criteria can be specified by using the -Match keyword in column 1 of any record in a view.

Tip: Avoid specifying this on the first record if a view description is also required.
Figure 1. Syntax

1  -match ( + , column_name column_value )

The column_value permits the use of wildcards. The supported wildcard characters are an asterisk (*) to indicate zero, one or more characters, and a percent sign (%) to indicate a single required character. Only table data rows that match the specified string are shown.

The complete -Match specification must fit on a single view member record. Continuation over multiple records is not supported.

No part of the -Match specification is case sensitive, including the keyword itself, and any number of blank characters, or none, can precede the open parenthesis following the keyword.

If multiple -Match specifications are found in a single view member, then only the last one takes effect.

Here is an example of a view data set member specifying initial fault entry list criteria.
* My CICS view
-Match(CICS_Trn *)