Performing Java analysis

A feature unique to the interactive component of Z Abend Investigator is the ability to present information that is related to Java™. The Java execution might be under WebSphere® Liberty, CICS®, or Unix System Services on MVS™. Typically, the environment is Java calling legacy programs. These topics explain how to:

The steps outlined in the following assume that you have already started the interactive component of Z Abend Investigator from an ISPF session.

Note: Java analysis is only compatible with the JVMs shown in Supported application environments.

Setting options for Java analysis

The general interactive reanalysis options are also used for Java analysis (see Interactive reanalysis options).

An optional HFZJVM DD statement added to the HFZS subsystem start-up JCL allows for a default JVM to be used for performing Java analysis (for details, see HFZS subsystem requirements for Java).