Extended minidump data set (XDUMP)

You can enable Z Abend Investigator to allocate an extended minidump (XDUMP) data set and associate it with a history file fault-entry. An XDUMP data set is designed to contain:

Z Abend Investigator requires an XDUMP data set to save 64-bit storage pages and associate them with a fault entry. 64-bit storage pages are not included in a minidump.

For 24-bit and 31-bit applications, an XDUMP data set can provide relief from re-analysis storage constraints and reduce the likelihood of minidump suppression when the MaxMinidumpPages value is exceeded. (See MaxMinidumpPages.)

To enable Z Abend Investigator to allocate an XDUMP data set, specify a valid data set name pattern in the XDUMPDSN setting of the HFZOPTLM configuration-options module. See Specifying the extended minidump data set name pattern (XDUMPDSN). Z Abend Investigator allocates the data set with RECFM=FBS LRECL=4096 and uses the access authorization mechanism described in Managing XDUMP data set access. If XDUMP data set allocation fails, Z Abend Investigator issues message HFZ0184W.

An XDUMP data set is automatically deleted when its associated fault entry is deleted.