Specifying the extended minidump data set name pattern (XDUMPDSN)

Use the XDUMPDSN setting in the HFZOPTLM configuration-options module to specify the pattern for naming extended minidump data sets.

The data set name pattern should include symbolic values to ensure that each allocated data set is unique. For example:


For additional information about the use of symbols, see HFZOPTLM data set name symbol substitution.

One or more data set qualifiers must be used with the HFZXDUMP_HLQ XFACILIT profile to grant access to users who need to create the data sets. For additional information, see Using the XFACILIT resource class for XDUMP data sets.

If no data set name is specified in the XDUMPDSN option, or if the high-level qualifier is NULLFILE, then Z Abend Investigator will not allocate an extended dump data set. The result of this is that user storage areas not directly involved in the event-related source line or statement might be missing from reanalysis of the fault entry, or additional space might be required in the TSO region for interactive reanalysis.