Installing the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL

The Z Abend Investigator post-dump exit, HFZXTSEL, is installed in the MVS™ IEAVTSEL CSECT installation exit list. The exit, which is only invoked for SVC dumps, is installed by the USERMOD, HFZWTSEL. It is used to register CICS® system abend dumps, recovery fault recording SDUMPs, SLIP dumps, and to facilitate the capturing of Java™ faults.

To install this USERMOD, edit and submit the sample job HFZWTSEL. This sample job includes HFZXTSEL in the IEAVTSEL installation exit list. If you have other exits defined in this list, add the HFZXTSEL exit last.

For more information about adding exits to IEAVTSEL, see MVS Installation Exits.

To activate this change, IPL again or cancel the DUMPSRV address space so that it restarts with the new exit.

For dump registration via this exit to occur, it is necessary to also start the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem. For information on this, see Using the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem.

See Verifying dump registration (IEAVTSEL) for information about how to test the dump registration setup.