Capturing and displaying the abending job JCL

When the JCLcapture option is in effect during real-time processing, Z Abend Investigator attempts to obtain the JCL and save it in the fault entry. This feature is available with JES2 only.

See JclCapture.

To retrieve the saved JCL:
  • Use the JCL command from within the interactive reanalysis report. See JCL.
  • Select the "Abend Job JCL" point-and-shoot field from the "Abend Job Information" section of the interactive reanalysis report.
  • Use the HFZGET command from within a REXX Formatting user exit to retrieve the saved _JCL stem. For example:
    /* REXX */                          
    "HFZGET _JCL"                       
    if rc = 0 then do                   
      "HFZWRITE '<L>Abend job JCL:'"    
      "HFZWRITE '<L>'"
      do i = 1 to _jcl.0                
        "HFZWRITE '<L>"_jcl.i"'"        
    else do                             
      "HFZWRITE '<L>JCL not available'" 
    exit 0