COBOL Report Writer Precompiler

If you are using the COBOL Report Writer Precompiler (program number 5798-DYR), it is important that you run it as a stand-alone precompiler as opposed to invoking it via the COBOL compiler EXIT option. Otherwise, information that is required by Z Abend Investigator to identify the point of failure source code statement might be missing from the compiler listing.

Symptoms that you might experience if using the COBOL Report Writer Precompiler as a COBOL compiler exit are:
  • Return code 3114 from HFZLANGX if trying to convert the COBOL compiler listing file to a side file.
  • The following messages are issued during fault analysis:
    • HFZSF8100S COBOL LISTING file contains NO recognized records
    • HFZSF8132S Input or Output file format invalid
  • Failure to determine point of failure source line.