Dump suppression

The types of dumps that can be suppressed are:
  • SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, or SYSMDUMP (if Z Abend Investigator was invoked using the IEAVTABX MVS™ change options/suppress dump exit, HFZXDCAP).
  • CICS® transaction dumps.
    Note: The suppression of CICS transaction dumps requires Z Abend Investigator to be installed in either the XPCABND or the XDUREQ CICS Global User Exit (see Customizing the CICS environment).
Suppression of dumps upon successful completion of analysis is the default. (Successful completion is defined as Z Abend Investigator having reached the normal end of analysis, without having abended or issued any S-level messages.) However, when using the following statement under CICS, the transaction dump is only suppressed if this was requested before Z Abend Investigator was invoked, for example by an earlier exit:
This is due to the SUPPRESSED response being passed back to the issuing application program, which if not handled correctly can lead to AEXW abends. See Z Abend Investigator and CICS global user exits for more information on transaction dump suppression and CICS global user exits.
To override the default dump suppression, use either:

Dump suppression should not be confused with suppression of analysis or suppression of fault entry creation (see Real-time exclusion processing).