Ensuring transaction abend analysis is not suppressed by DUMP(NO)

If the active transaction definition for an abending transaction has the DUMP(NO) option specified, then CICS® does not call the XPCABND global user exit, and Z Abend Investigator is not invoked. To check the DUMP setting for a transaction, do one of the following:
  • Use the CEDA transaction to view the transaction definition in question and check the DUMP(YES|NO) setting. Care should be taken when using this method. There might be multiple definitions of the same transaction, so the order in which the definitions are installed by CICS is important.
  • Check the active transaction definition in a dump.
  • Use the CICS-supplied transaction, CECI, to check the DUMP setting for the active transaction. This checking can be done by issuing the following command:
    where nnnn is the transaction ID in question.
    Having issued this command, the displayed DUMPING value has the following meaning:
    • A value of 00186 means DUMP(YES).
    • A value of 00187 means DUMP(NO).