Primary option: Messages

Messages written to the system console that were not identified as belonging to any specific event are listed under the heading "Messages." Also included are any LE messages identified for specific events. Individual messages can be selected for their explanation by placing the cursor on the message number and pressing the Enter key.

An example of the display presented when selecting the "Messages" link is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Sample System-Wide Messages display
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System-Wide Messages                                           Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
JOBNAME: P00398 SYSTEM ABEND: 0CB MVS2 2019/03/24 13:54:05 Event 5 Messages CEE3211S Job-specific text not available Non-Event-Related Messages $HASP375 P00398 ESTIMATED LINES EXCEEDED $HASP375 P00398 ESTIMATE EXCEEDED BY 10,000 LINES $HASP375 P00398 ESTIMATE EXCEEDED BY 20,000 LINES *** Bottom of data. F1=Help F3=Exit F5=RptFind F6=Actions F7=Up F8=Down F10=Left F11=Right