Option 4: Options in Effect

Selecting option 4 from the CICS® System Abend Interactive Reanalysis Report display results in the presentation of the Options in Effect display, of which an example is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Sample Options in Effect display
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Options in Effect                                              Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
CICS DUMP: SYSTEM=CICSDI CODE=SM0002 ID= D381 2019/08/13 09:55:03 HCL Z Abend Investigator Options in Effect: {These are the options that were used to generate the current interactive reanalysis report. To change any options, first return to the Fault Entry List display and select "Interactive Reanalysis Options" from the "Options" action-bar pull-down menu; then perform interactive reanalysis again.} DumpDSN(CICS.DUMP1) NoErrorHandler Language(ENU) NoLocale NoPermitLangx Data Sets: {The following Z Abend Investigator data set or path names were either preallocated, specified via DataSets options, or provided as defaults.} DDname Data Set or Path Name HFZADATA PROD.SYSADATA HFZDOC HFZ.SHFZDOC1 HFZDSECT HFZ.DSECTS HFZEXEC XMPUSER.EXEC HFZHIST HFZ.HIST HFZLC PROD.LISTING.C HFZLCOB PROD.LISTING.COBOL HFZLPLI PROD.LISTING.PLI HFZMAPS HFZ.SHFZMAPS HFZVSENU HFZ.HFZHVENU Exits: {The following user exits were specified via Exits options.} Type Name Type Invoked NOTIFY NOTIFY REXX (Not applicable)

This display provides information about Z Abend Investigator options in effect for this reanalysis report.