Providing ISPF interface defaults for new users

To provide installation-specific defaults for new users of the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface, do the following:

  1. Invoke the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface.
  2. Set options to the values that new users should see when first using this interface. These values might include:
    • The initial history file or view selected from the Fault Entry List display.
    • Z Abend Investigator preferences (from the "Options" pull-down menu).
    • Batch reanalysis options (from the "Options" pull-down menu).
    • Interactive reanalysis options (from the "Options" pull-down menu).
    • View settings (from the "View" pull-down menu).
      Note: It is recommended that any installation-wide defaults for the columns shown on the Fault Entry List display are provided by the specification of the FAISPFopts(HistCols(...)) option in the HFZCNF00 parmlib member, rather than defining them through the ISPF profile member defaults. This approach is necessary because users who might make other changes to these columns, are otherwise not able to reset the columns to the installation-wide defaults by pressing PF4.
  3. Exit from the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface.
  4. Copy the applidPROF member, where applid is the application identifier used for Z Abend Investigator in your installation (for example, HFZ), from your ISPF profile data set to a data set that must be made available to all users in their ISPTLIB concatenation.

As soon as a user has made changes to any of the variables contained in the profile member, it is saved in their private profile data set identified by the ISPPROF DDname, and read from there on any subsequent use of the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface.