Sample 5 (HFZSJAV5): C++ program invoking Java in batch

The JCL in sample HFZ.SHFZSAM1(HFZSJAV5) demonstrates how to use Z Abend Investigator when using a 31-bit or 64-bit C++ program to invoke Java™ in batch. It includes Java calling a C++ DLL located in a PDSE data set member.

For both the 31-bit and the 64-bit Snap.dump(), the Z Abend Investigator report displays only Java information. Both include source code but no Java variable information, because the Java virtual machine (JVM) does not provide a mechanism to obtain variable information.

These are the sample results expected in the Z Abend Investigator report for both the 31-bit and 64-bit C++ abend reports:
  • The synopsis section includes the line of C++ source code where the abend occurred.
  • The event summary includes both Java and C++ calls in a single view.
  • In the C++ events, compiler listings are used for source code information, due to the NODEBUG compiler option.
  • In the Java events, source code information is displayed along with stack frame reference information.