Enabling the Language Environment abnormal termination exit (HFZXCEE or HFZXCE64)

Z Abend Investigator requires a Language Environment® (LE) abnormal termination exit,HFZXCEE or HFZXCE64, as an extra method of invoking Z Abend Investigator to the MVS™ change options/suppress dump exit. To enable this exit, you must add it to the CEEEXTAN CSECT for Language Environment using a sample member in the CEE.SCEESAMP data set. You will make the changes suggested in the sample member and then replace the following comment with the appropriate lines.

             AND OVERRIDE AS DESIRED  >>>


In a copy of the CEEWDEXT sample member, replace the comment with these lines:
         CEEXAHD        ,User exit header
         CEEXAST        ,Terminate the list


In a copy of the CEEWQEXT sample member, replace the comment with these lines:
         CEEXAHD AM=64  ,User exit header (AMODE 64)
         CEEXAST        ,Terminate the list

If more than one exit is specified in the CEEEXTAN list (for example, due to other similar third-party products also being used), then Z Abend Investigator should be the first exit specified.

If an IPL of MVS is not planned as part of the Z Abend Investigator installation, this exit can be activated as follows, depending on whether LE has been placed in LPA or not:
  • LE in LPA
    Determine the data set name and load modules updated by the USERMOD from the APPLY job output and issue the command:
    SETPROG LPA,ADD,MOD=(module-list),DSN=data-set-name
    If one or more of the updated load modules are not in LPA, then continue with the instructions for "LE not in LPA" below.
    Note: Remember to reissue the SETPROG command after the next IPL, unless the IPL is performed with the CLPA option.
  • LE not in LPA
    If LE is not in LPA, it is assumed to be in LINKLIST. To activate the exit, issue the command:
    If you prefer to selectively refresh only the affected load modules, then you need to check the SMP/E APPLY output for the updated data sets and load module names, add these to a CSVLLAxx parmlib member using the LIBRARIES and MEMBERS parameters, and then issue the command F LLA,UPDATE=xx. Alternatively, use Data Set Commander for z/OS® to perform the refresh.

For general information about implementing an LE abnormal termination exit, refer to the Language Environment Customization book.

CICS notes:
  1. The CICS® version of the AMODE 31 LE exit, CEECXTAN, which is installed with sample job CEEWCEXT, is very similar to the HFZXCEE exit. If you are going to install both, make sure that you double-check that you have used the correct names and not installed the same exit twice.
  2. There is currently no AMODE 64 version of this exit for CICS.